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Izvestia: the ambulance dispatcher refused to call a brigade to Yuri Shatunov

The ambulance team did not respond to the call to the ex-soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov. About this Izvestia informed informed source.

According to him, Shatunov’s friends called the dispatcher and said that “the person has a bad heart.” They were told that there were no cars, in fact, they refused to leave the brigade. In addition, the dispatcher did not ask clarifying questions, by which she should have determined the severity of the situation.

The interlocutor of the publication clarified that the woman who received the call had “a similar attitude to calls was noticed before.”

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The source of Izvestia added that if all actions after the call were carried out according to the regulations, the singer could be saved with a probability of 60 percent.

“Overfatigue and Underexamination”

Singer’s friend, ex-soloist of the group Andrey Shishkin toldthat during their last conversation he did not notice any signs of illness in Shatunov. Moreover, he expected to hold a concert tour and had already bought tickets to go to Germany to his family.

The musician also revealed that Shatunov was hospitalized in the winter with general exhaustion of the body “on nerves” and spent more than two weeks in rehabilitation.

He gave himself to all concerts with soul. For three hours I gave all the best: I sang, talked, joked, that is, I worked out my big name 100 percent. That is, there is overwork, and, as always, underexamination

Andrey Shishkinex-soloist of the group “Tender May”


At the same time, Shishkin noted that Shatunov had recently been emotionally and physically exhausted. He explained that this is due to long lawsuits over the rights to the compositions of “Tender May”. “It was obvious that he was very tired. Of course, for sure, everything progressed inside, ”said the musician.

The last years between Shatunov and the producer of the group Andrey Razin there was a fight for the rights to perform the songs of “Tender May”. According to the latter, the singer could not perform his old hits according to the terms of the contract. In June 2022, a long litigation between them ended – the ex-soloist of the group managed to return the rights to perform the main hits of “Tender May” through the court. The team itself is now continuing its concert activity in a renewed line-up.

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Razin himself, commenting on the death of Shatunov, said that they had a multifaceted relationship. “And kind, and, at times, difficult. We were even cousins. It is these relationships that are called “life”. Unfortunately, his short but bright life was cut short at a new stage in his career, ”he said.

On the singer’s death became known June 23. 48-year-old Shatunov died in an ambulance. The cause was a massive heart attack, provoked by a detached plaque in the heart.

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