It makes no sense for the United States to count on the support of Europe in the confrontation with the Russian Federation


The United States of America should not count on the support of European countries in the confrontation with Russia. This opinion was expressed by political journalist Michael Gfeller and the former head of the US diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia, David Rundell. Their article was published in the magazine Newsweek.

Its authors note that the States rely on their partners in Europe, but there are “a number of reasons to doubt that their support has no limits,” reports TASS August 4th. The problem is that Europe is heading “towards the deepest crisis since the 1930s,” they explain.

As the authors of the material point out, anti-Russian sanctions have the opposite effect. The ruble is strengthening, and European countries are preparing for interruptions in the supply of electricity, rising inflation and slowing economic growth. Mass strikes have already begun in a number of states, while the problem of migration from African and Middle Eastern countries is exacerbating. Against this background, all European governments are waiting for unrest.

At the same time, the US needs an economically strong, politically and socially united Europe. “Instead, we are at odds with our European allies,” conclude Gfeller and Rundell. They add that there is also no unity in Europe: Europeans “diverge in interests among themselves.”

Due to anti-Russian sanctions, Europe is losing its subjectivity and competitiveness to the United States. This opinion was expressed by the head of Rosneft. According to him, sanctions against the Russian Federation Europe commits energy suicidewhich will have long-term consequences.

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