“It’s like a mob broke into your house and takes things out.” Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Potekhina spoke about phone scam calls – Society – News of St. Petersburg

The vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Irina Potekhina, told how she did not succumb to the ingenious performance of telephone scammers and urged St. Petersburg residents to be vigilant.

“Earlier Saturday morning I started with a strange message from “your personal manager Ekaterina”. She warned me about scammers who “call and, on behalf of Gosuslug, lure out data and voice confirmations.” For household chores, she didn’t pay any attention to the message – she was only surprised in passing: since when did personal managers appear at Gosuslugi, – wrote official on May 22 on his VKontakte page.

A couple of hours later, men “with brutal voices” began to call Irina Potekhina’s phone and threatened her that they had finally got to her, and now she would “get it for everything”.

After that, the vice-governor stopped answering unfamiliar numbers. And then the third act began, when she began to receive numerous SMS with confirmation codes, as if she were shopping online. Moreover, the spread was from shops to telephone operators and car sharing. At the same time, Irina Potekhina never used most of these services.

“The feeling, to be honest, is not pleasant: it’s as if a crowd of strangers broke into your house and takes out your things. As a matter of fact, the scammers are counting on this, ”the official admitted.

Then the “concerned” Ekaterina called Potekhina again and tried, under the pretext of help from scammers, to force her to write down the scheme of action. But the Lieutenant Governor did not succumb to attempts to receive voice confirmations and data and stopped the conversation.

“After I interrupted the conversation, for another half an hour I continued to receive messages allegedly from paid services – a total of 60 pieces. And the savior “Ekaterina”, or whatever her real name is, made a dozen more attempts to get through. In parallel, there were calls from other unfamiliar numbers – probably, men with brutal voices still wanted to scare me again so that they would not resist Katya’s attempts to protect me, ”said Irina Potekhina.

She contacted the bank support service and just made sure that there were no write-offs. “Very unpleasant. I was not allowed to drink relaxed morning coffee on a rare day off. But if you treat the situation soberly, this will be your only “loss”, ”the official is sure. Potekhina urged not to enter into conversations with any “saviors”, but to call your bank’s support service yourself.

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