Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: publish secret files of the trial

When it was believed that the judgment between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard had remained in the past, revealed unpublished documents where issues of the private life of both actors are exposed.

The tests that the lawyers of both parties could exclude, now they came to light they made it clear once again that Depp and Heard sought to attack with all possible weapons.

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Defense of Johnny Depp

On the side of the protagonist Pirates of the Caribbeanthe legal team tried to use a series of photographs of the actress where she supposedly posed naked and with them allege that in his past he dedicated himself to prostitution.

According to The Daily Beast, Depp’s ex-wife’s lawyers argued that the evidence was not relevant and should be removed.

“Mr Depp frivolously and maliciously tries to imply that Miss Heard once worked as an escort.”

In turn, it was also intended to present a fragment of the reality show of Heard’s sister, Whitneyto display a list of past relationships of Amber, proof that was also discarded.

Amber Heard Defense

Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s legal team wanted to use a medical record that specified a erectile dysfunction supposedly suffering from Depp, which caused him the violent behavior of the actor.

“Although Mr. Depp would prefer not to disclose his erectile dysfunction status, such status is absolutely relevant to the sexual violenceincluding Mr. Depp’s anger and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard,” the documents read.

However, the test was not admitted by the judge and until now the actor has not ruled on the matter to deny said health condition.

On the other hand, text messages that Depp had with Marilyn Mansonwho has been accused by his former partners of sexual abuse and that he kept a friendship with the actor during the time he was with Heard.

Within the texts, Manson makes a comparison between his then-wife, Lindsay Usich, and Amber Heard, since Usich filed a restriction order against her partner, just like Heard did.

According to Newsweek, after Manson joked about telling his ex-partner Amber 2.0 and Depp jokingly answered.

“I have been reading a lot of material about that and the behavior sociopath…it’s fucking real, my brother!! my ex [Amber Heard] it’s a damn textbook!” reads the document.

All this evidence was not accepted by the judge as it was not considered relevant for the trial, but in the end they ended up being revealed.

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