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Johnson called the expulsion of Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda “in theory possible”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed the deportation of Ukrainian illegal immigrants to Rwanda. He stated this during a visit to the Rwandan capital Kigaliwrites the newspaper The Guardian.

“If you come here illegally, you harm all those who come legally. This is madness. So I’m afraid the answer is: I think yes, in theory it could happen,” he said. At the same time, the politician noted that he considers such a scenario of the development of events “extremely unlikely.”

Migration agreement with Rwanda

The number of migrants crossing the UK border this year has passed the 10,000 mark. In this regard, on April 13, London and Kigali signed a migration agreement under which illegal migrants arriving in the UK from France, crossing the English Channel, will be officially deported to Rwanda for processing documents, obtaining asylum and relocation. The new policy aims to address the problem of mass illegal migration.

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The first plane with illegal migrants had leave for Rwanda on June 14th. However, the flight was canceled last minute after intervention European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Home Minister Priti Patel, commenting on the cancellation of the flight, called the incident disappointing.

Russia’s reaction

In turn, the possible plans for the deportation of Ukrainian refugees from the UK to Rwanda were considered a clear demonstration of the real attitude of the West. So on it reacted first deputy chairman State Duma Committee on International Affairs Shamsail Saraliev. “In fact, neither the United States, nor European countries, nor the Kyiv authorities need people. I believe that Ukrainian refugees should present all claims to the Kyiv junta and Western masters,” he said.

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Previously Representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova disclosed UK plans to deport Ukrainian refugees. “According to the document, people who “reached the UK via safe third countries” such as Poland or France could be subject to the document and be deported to Rwanda. I’m not kidding,” the diplomat concluded.

Zakharova also added that refugees from Afghanistan who “collaborated there with the British security forces” may also be subject to deportation.

British program to help Ukrainian refugees

In his speech in Kigali, Johnson stressed that the UK had already issued more than 100,000 visas to Ukrainian refugees. The politician noted that there are at least two very good routes to enter the UK.

130 thousandvisas

extradited by the UK to Ukrainian refugees

The program for the reception of Ukrainian refugees Homes for Ukraine (“Houses for Ukraine”) was launched in the UK in March, The Guardian notes. In order to use it, citizens of Ukraine need to receive an invitation from an individual, charitable organization or community, which would guarantee the provision of housing to refugees or their payment. Residents of Britain are invited to accept refugees for at least six months. In addition, the British side sponsors visas for this category of migrants. According to these visas, Ukrainians can stay in the country for at least three years.

However, community organizations are planning file class action lawsuits against British Home Secretary Priti Patel on behalf of hundreds of Ukrainian refugees. According to The Guardian newspaper, the reason for this decision was the bureaucratic red tape that refugees have to face in trying to get a British visa.

In addition, The Independent figured outthat Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the UK faced difficult living conditions. According to a survey of charitable organizations, 58 percent live in inappropriate housing, another 17 percent faced the risk of being left on the street.

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