June 24 is a reserve day for passing the exam in literature, geography and oral part of the English language

10 graduates of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug are taking the Unified State Examination today at the fifth school

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This year, the USE is held for the first time on the basis of Federal State Educational Standard of Secondary General Education.

Due to the change in the requirements for learning outcomes, the examination models of the USE in all subjects have undergone certain changes. The tested content in the subjects has not changed, however, more emphasis has been placed on tasks that require demonstrating skills in analyzing various information, the ability to reason and argue one’s point of view, use subject knowledge to solve practical problems and apply extensive universal skills necessary to continue education in any specialties. in universities.

The oral part of the exam in English includes 4 tasks.

Task 1 – reading aloud a short text of a popular science nature.

In the task 2 is invited to read the advertisement and ask four questions based on keywords.

In the task 3 you need to answer five interview questions.

In the task 4 create a voice message for a friend with whom the student is working on a project. The message should describe and compare two photos that can be used as illustration for the project, as well as to express an opinion on the possible problem and suggest ways her solutions.

You can get the maximum 100 points only just handing over both parts. The maximum number of points for the written part is 80, for the oral part – 20.

The total response time of one examinee (including preparation time) for the USE in the oral part of a foreign language is 17 minutes. The duration of the exam in literature is 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes), in geography – 3 hours (180 minutes).

When conducting the exam in geography, it is allowed to use rulers, protractors and non-programmable calculators. The maps and statistical applications used are included in the CIM for each exam participant.

When performing examination work in literature, you can use a spelling dictionary.

The results of the Unified State Examination in Literature and Geography will be announced no later than July 8, in English – on July 13.

Participants will be able to get acquainted with the results of the exam in their personal account on official information portal of the exam or on the Government Services website. In case of disagreement with the points given, the exam participant has the right to submit appeal within two business days of the official day of the announcement of the results of the state final certification in the relevant academic subject.

Recall that questions related to the exam can be asked by calling the hotline RCOI: 8 (81853) 2-19-05, Rosobrnadzor: 8 (495) 984-89-19 and the USE helpline: 8 (495) 104-68-38.

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