Jurists talk about the failure of “Marrakesh, the City of Lights”

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights called for the opening of an investigation into what it considered a “failure” of the Marrakesh, the metropolis of lights, and called for intervention to provide services that respect quality, energy savings, and a reduction in financial burdens.

Jurists stressed the need to conduct a financial examination of the company’s budget, especially as it benefited from huge loans for investment.

The association, Al-Manara branch, stated in a statement that it follows with great condemnation the catastrophic failure of Marrakesh, the metropolis of lights, which did not live up to the pledges, agreements and promises made during the mandate of the public lighting sector in Marrakech, to adopt a partnership between the collective council and the creation of the company “Haderat Al Anwar” with a 61% contribution to the council. The collective of the city of Marrakesh and the Spanish company “Enigitica” by 39%.

The failure of the project, according to the association, is reflected in the increase in the cost of electrical energy consumption instead of reducing it by 20% in 2019, and the continuation of reducing the cost in subsequent years, but the opposite is what happened.

The association pointed out that the cost of public lighting has increased significantly, as the circle of shortcomings has expanded in many neighborhoods and dangerous sections such as the black point (Al-Azuziyah liquidation station), and the adoption of economic lamps without technical and technical study, which made darkness dominate in several areas of the city, in addition to the multiplication and influence of defects And the adoption of a patchwork policy (bricolage) upon repair.

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