Lavrov announced the inevitability of Russia’s rapprochement with Eastern countries

Rapprochement between Russia and some countries is inevitable

We are talking about countries outside the former “golden billion”, including China and India. The process of Russia’s rapprochement with the Eastern countries is mutual. This was pointed out by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The statement was made during the XXX Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (FDP), reports RIA Novosti on Saturday, May 14th. “Further rapprochement with our like-minded people outside the former “golden billion” is an absolutely inevitable process, and it is mutual in nature,” Sergei Lavrov stressed.

Russia and China are connected by a long-term partnership, and the Russian Federation and India have built strategic ties. This is evidenced by the latest data on trade turnover. Exports with China in the first four months of 2022 increased by 11% and amounted to over $20 billion. Imports of Russian goods also increased by 37% and reached %30 billion.

As for India, the country buys products from the Russian Federation in the fields of defense and nuclear energy, and exports pharmaceutical and agricultural products. As foreign media wrote in early May, deepening cooperation between Moscow and New Delhi will increase Indian exports to Russia by more than $500 million in the next three months.

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