Lavrov believes that NATO and the EU are assembling a coalition for war with Russia

EU NATO flags

Russia is closely watching the actions of the European Union, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on June 24. He noted that NATO and the EU are gathering a modern coalition for, by and large, a war with Russia.

Lavrov compared this path with the beginning of World War II, writes RIA Novosti. “Hitler, under his banner, gathered a significant part, if not a large part, of European countries for the war against the Soviet Union. Now, including the European Union, together with NATO, they are assembling such an already modern coalition,” the minister noted.

Moscow will take a realistic look at the behavior of the EU and follow the steps taken. Russia has few illusions that the EU’s “current Russophobic intensity” will change in the foreseeable or long term, Lavrov said. “But this is the path that the Europeans have chosen,” he said.

According to Lavrov, the EU has become an anti-Russian alliance and requires other countries to support all foreign policy approaches without exception, including decisions against Moscow. “Over the past few years, the European Union has greatly revolutionized, if not mimicked in the direction of acquiring such an aggressive ideological background, primarily a Russophobic background,” the minister said.

Lavrov previously explained, why Russia perceives NATO as a threat. He also urged the citizens of Libya and Iraq, whose “country was razed to the ground,” to be asked about the NATO threat.

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