Lavrov determined the resumption of negotiations with Kyiv on the situation “on the ground”

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Since April 15, Ukraine has not reached the negotiating level with Russia, despite Kyiv’s statements about its readiness for negotiations. On Thursday, June 23, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov reminded about this.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled in an interview with the National State Television and Radio Company of Belarusthat on March 29, at a meeting in Istanbul, a neutral, non-nuclear and non-bloc status of Ukraine was discussed while providing it with security guarantees that would not apply to Crimea and Donbass. Russia was ready to discuss it, but “they disrupted the negotiations.”

According to Lavrov, Europe urges Kyiv to return to the negotiating table, but “the Anglo-Saxons do not allow them to do so.”

When the Ukrainian authorities still “deign to turn to us with a proposal to resume the diplomatic process,” Moscow will look at “what the situation is on earth,” the Russian minister stressed. He noted that the residents of the liberated regions of Ukraine “do not even have a thought” about returning under the control of Kyiv.

On June 21, the Kremlin said that even after the leaders of France, Germany and Italy visited Kyiv Ukrainian authorities did not attempt to resume negotiations with Russiaalthough Western leaders understand the importance of continuing the dialogue.

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