Life and Miracles | David Zepeda could have an offer for another telenovela


The recordings of the new version of The stepmother are advancing at a good pace for their premiere on August 15 at 9:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas. To achieve this, the production team works on two sets to further advance the locations, so the entire cast is running from one place to another. It should be remembered that the list of this cast is made up of Aracely Arámbula, Andrés Palacios, Marisol del Olmo, Cecilia Gabriela, Martha Julia, Isadora González and Juan Martín Jáuregui among others. But speaking of what happens outside the scenes, Aracely’s great return to Televisa has caused the interest of those around her, for which she receives requests for a photo with her admirers. The actress’s answer is yes… but on one condition: that this image is not published on any social network before the premiere of The stepmother

Since we are talking about social networks, it is precisely in that medium that comments are made about the new telenovela in which David Zepeda will participate. Of course, some will say that it will not be new but recent because the actor is serving three weeks on the air with his role in overcome the absence, but it is not about that already successful story. It turns out that David is already set aside to star in an upcoming production titled First you, which would be aired in the first months on the Univision network and later in Mexico. The plot has to do with the artistic medium, in which there is a famous actor who faces misfortune, but there is also another character of a talented young woman who seeks to succeed. In the specialized profile of NoveleandoMex it is also mentioned that the production would be in charge of Carlos Bardasano…

The fourth chapter of the María Félix bioseries, the lady, launches today Thursday, but again we have here a preview of what we will see through the Vix + platform. Among the scenes of this great production by Carmen Armendáriz we have María beginning to negotiate her own contracts, Agustín Lara’s courtship of the actress, her friendship with Gabriel Figueroa, the way in which his classic film Miss Barbara came to her, the reunion with her family and when she recovered her son Enrique. In addition to the participation of Ximena Romo in this stage as the ladyother actors that we will see in this chapter are Elsa Ortiz as Dolores del Río, Josh Gutiérrez as Pedro Armendáriz and Ramón Medina as Emilio “el Indio” Fernández, in addition to those who have already appeared previously and we have mentioned…

Comedy series premiere You think?, was placed as the most watched on broadcast television on Sunday. This production starring Daniela Luján, Ricardo Margaleff and Pierre Angelo was tuned in by 1.7 million people in its first episode in which Frances Ondiviela participated as a guest. More surprises come later and the fun will grow when other members of the López family will arrive as customers at the supermarket where the action takes place…

And speaking of guests, tomorrow Friday we will have in the program Excuse me the presence of Regina Orozco. The actress and singer will tell us about her projects, including upcoming musical performances. Obviously, the information of the celebrities with Martha Figueroa cannot be missing, so from a place in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City we will be broadcasting for our weekly appointment at 9:30 p.m. on Unicable and the repetition on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.: 00 on the same channel.

And something else!

In the city of Seattle, Washington, the Golden Microphone was awarded by the National Association of Broadcasters of Mexico in its delegation in the United States. Several musical groups from the region were recognized, in addition to the comedian Tony Balardi, but in the field of communication, the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda received the award for her career, as did the reporter Carlos Tijerino, also from Televisa Espectaculos. The Association has been working for more than 70 years and the plans are to continue recognizing professionals in other countries of the continent… Until next time!

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