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LNR Ambassador to Russia Miroshnik spoke about Kyiv’s plans to mobilize one million people

Ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) in Russia Rodion Miroshnik in his Telegramchannel spoke about Ukraine’s plans to mobilize one million people.

Miroshnik tied intention Kyiv to call on one million soldiers with the readiness of the United States to provide the Ukrainian side with assistance in the amount of $40 billion, as well as other financial assistance from Europe.

According to him, since the United States and Great Britain are investing weapons, ammunition and money in the crisis in Ukraine, Kyiv is obliged to repay for this with “human goods”. “The United States and allies have raised the stakes in the deal, Kyiv needs to raise its part – one million soldiers!” he noted.

The LPR ambassador added that the Ukrainian authorities are indifferent to their country, since they are not going to live in it.

Former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleg Reznikov declaredthat the country needs to ensure the number of military personnel involved in hostilities, up to one million people. According to him, thanks to the preparatory measures and mobilization of the inhabitants of Ukraine, as well as the actions of the authorities, the defense was organized. He also noted the help of volunteers at the initial stages.

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