Loaf birds flew to the Aktau embankment

AKTAU. KAZINFORM – You can meet birds in wetlands along the coast in Aktau. Residents filmed loaves on video, Kazinform reports with reference to

According to the townspeople, they have repeatedly encountered a black bird that looks like a heron.

As explained by a local amateur ornithologist, this bird is a loaf. There are now a lot of them on the embankment, especially near the island in the 7th microdistrict.

Birds are not particularly shy, there are many who take pictures of them.

“They have begun their return autumn migration from nesting sites – this is the Northern Caspian. But this year they can be seen in large numbers on the waterfront. Earlier they were too, but not as much as this year. On the spring migration, the first ones appear at the end of March, the main ones in April, the spring migration is extended until May, and at the end of July they fly back. Some will stay until the end of October, and maybe until December, ”said the amateur ornithologist.

Screenshot from the video

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