Losing weight blogger forced to overeat for the plastic of her dreams: Appearance: Values:

TikTok blogger Carlene Holland gained 10 kilos for a Brazilian butt lift

TikTok blogger Carlene Holland from Perth, Australia, who lost weight through strict diets, was forced to overeat for her dream plastic surgery. The corresponding material leads 7News.

So, a 22-year-old Australian woman said that she limited herself in nutrition and devoted time to exercising in the gym, because she was dissatisfied with her own appearance since adolescence. The girl managed to lose weight, but along with the extra pounds, the magnificent forms that she was proud of disappeared. It was not possible to return the volume to the corresponding parts of the body, despite intensive training, Holland assured. For this reason, she opted for a Brazilian butt lift, in which the patient’s own fat is transplanted.

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However, when the influencer went to the doctors, they said that she needed to gain weight, as she was too thin for this procedure. So, the blogger had to completely change her diet, including foods rich in fats and carbohydrates, which she ate five times a day. “This is probably the only time you can eat whatever you want and not reproach yourself,” said Holland, who gained 10 kilograms within six months and made the desired body correction.

In May, British blogger Leah Jane toldthat she went from size XXXL to M and became miserable. The girl noted that in order to achieve the desired result, she had to resort to plastic surgery several times. It is known that for the first time she went under the knife at 23 to get rid of loose skin on her stomach, which formed after a sharp weight loss.

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