“Maybe he’s an alien?” Why the death of Ivan Efremov interested the KGB

The publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published the book “Pioneers of the Far East. Real Russian Heroes: from Yerofey Khabarov to Vladimir Arsenyev, Ivan Efremov and Grigory Fedoseyev”. Its author is Yevgeny Sazonov, editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, host of the Club of Famous Travelers program on Radio KP and a great friend of the Russian Geographical Society. Today we are publishing a fragment from a chapter dedicated to Ivan Antonovich Efremov, a scientist, traveler and visionary writer. 50 years ago, in the fall of 1972, he passed away. The circumstances of the death were investigated by the KGB. The materials are still classified.

The main question that torments all researchers of the life and work of Ivan Efremov: who was he really? For there is no understanding how an ordinary person could become so successful in different areas of creativity, so far from each other? Brilliant contemporary? Reincarnation of Mikhail Lomonosov? Time Traveler? Or maybe even an alien from another galaxy, whose ship crashed on Earth?

You can laugh at the “wonderful assumptions”, but the personality is really extremely mysterious. Efremov knew too much not only about the past (paleontologist) and the present (geologist, biologist, geographer), but also about the future (fiction writer)! Sometimes there was a feeling that he did not discover or predict, but simply talked about what he knew …

October 5, 1972, at the very peak of creativity and world fame, Ivan Antonovich suddenly dies. He was only 64 years old – still to live and live.

Death immediately overgrown with legends and conjectures, most of which do not stand up to scrutiny. But one cannot but admit that both death and what happened next were mysterious. A month later, on November 4, employees of the State Security Committee appeared in the apartment.

The search lasted 13 hours. 41 items were seized – from medicines to documents. They made a special effort with the papers: diaries, manuscripts, drafts, correspondence – everything was raked out clean. True, the investigators got evidence of only “recent history”: Ivan Antonovich destroyed the main array of records, letters and even photos from 1923 to 1953 a few visits earlier, fearing that “if they fall into the Stalinist meat grinder, they can serve to compromise my friends” .

The official reason for the search is the suspicion that the death was violent. Allegedly, the writer could have been poisoned by some intruders who wanted to rob an apartment: after all, Efremov was a very wealthy person – he published a lot both in the USSR and abroad, the fees were huge.

But what about the KGB? And why such an interest of the investigator in all the events in the life of Ivan Antonovich – according to the memoirs of the widow Taisiya Iosifovna, starting “from birth to death”, scars and wounds on his body?

The case is 40 volumes and has not yet been declassified. This suggests a different version of the reasons for the KGB’s undisguised interest. According to many biographers of the scientist, the “Deep Drilling Office” was haunted by the sources of Efremov’s surprisingly accurate predictions about the future, on the one hand, and the secret knowledge available to an extremely narrow circle of insiders, on the other.

His literary works spoke about the first. The Andromeda Nebula, a novel about intergalactic travel, was published in 1957, 10 months before the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, that is, before the very beginning of the space age.

The “Diamond Pipe” predicted the discovery of a diamond deposit in Yakutia: “Twelve years after it was written, three diamonds from the first diamonds mined in a pipe located on the Siberian platform, however, to the south of the scene of action” Diamond pipes”, but exactly in the same geological setting as described in the story.” The error between the invented and real deposits was some 300 km! Because of this, by the way, there were problems with the same “competent authorities” – they say, the writer revealed an important state secret …

“Lake of Mountain Spirits” predicted the discovery of a mercury deposit in the Altai Mountains, “Fakaofo Atoll” – the relief of the bottom of the World Ocean (in the 1930s it was considered flat).

There were other amazing predictions: the science fiction writer accurately described holography, three-dimensional television, an exoskeleton, the Internet, environmental and social problems at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries … Researchers of creativity count about a hundred predictions that came true! And just as many that did not come true – so far …

In an interview, Efremov explained the appearance of such forecasts: in fact, he does not invent anything, but reads from the noosphere, which Vernadsky wrote about. However, how could the author read from there the concept of Shambhala that occurs in “Nebula …”? And in general, why is the oath of young earthlings of the future almost verbatim repeating the appeal to the elders of Tibet of the past (“You, elders … accept my desire, accept my work and teach me in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night. Give me a helping hand, for the path is difficult and I will follow you”)? In those days, at most a dozen people throughout the USSR possessed such knowledge. Isn’t this where the version was born that Efremov was a British intelligence officer, because England has always tried to extend its influence to Tibet (recall all the intrigues that the British arranged for the Przhevalsky expedition) …

Moreover, options for replacing the real Efremov with a specially trained double were seriously studied. One version is that this happened at a young age, when Vanya was replaced by the son of a colleague of his father, a British timber merchant (a kind of sleeper agent, as in the Hollywood action movie “Salt” with Angelina Jolie). The second version – it happened on an expedition to Mongolia (and here the story already becomes like the adventures of James Bond) … It sounds, to put it mildly, fantastic – with the same success it could be assumed that the hero flew from another planet. Nevertheless, as the colonel who led the search later admitted, there were such suspicions. And they were checked. One of the acquaintances of the Efremov family confessed to the widow that she was shown photographs of Ivan Antonovich and asked to determine: is he or not? ..

Another inexplicable moment – immediately after the departure of the scientist, the editors of major literary and scientific journals are instructed: the name of Efremov should not be mentioned anywhere until further notice. Obituaries are either removed from the rooms or printed in “cellars” where only the elite can see them. Moreover, the five-volume collected works of Ivan Efremov are unexpectedly banned on the eve of printing. The novel “The Hour of the Bull” is confiscated from libraries and shops and … burned, as if in the Middle Ages! The name of the professor is no longer mentioned even in special works on paleontology, although he is associated with 18 sections of this science! An international conference on the science of taphonomy founded by him is canceled without explanation.

Why all this happened remains a mystery. As well as the one whose intelligence agent the KGB considered him to be – English, alien, alien …

In fact, he is no spy. He is simply our brilliant contemporary, and very underestimated. And all his mysterious skills are explained by knowledge and logic, just like the secrets in “Tales of the Extraordinary”.

His mystical ability to navigate the terrain and lead the squad as confidently as if he had been here before, stemmed from experience, knowledge of topography, geomorphology and geology. And also out of respect for the surrounding world, because, as he himself wrote, “the most important aspect of education is the development of a keen perception of nature. Dulling attention to nature is tantamount to stopping human development, since, having forgotten how to observe, a person loses the ability to generalize.”

Here is just one example. The ability to observe and generalize helped to predict the diamond deposit: “As my fellow geologists who were searching for diamonds told me, they carried a book of stories with the Diamond Pipe in their bags … The secret of this surprising at first glance forecast is simple: being a Siberian geologist, I. .. found geological conditions very close to the South African shield, after many years of studying Africa.In the story, I invented the discovery of a pipe by a geological team, in whose adventures I invested what I had experienced in my own routes … Of course, I took into account all known for that time facts: the existence of a high-pressure zone under the Siberian platform, gravity anomalies and bedded intrusions of heavy base rocks, described that the main satellites of diamond should be scarlet garnets – pyropes, and the host rocks – kimberlites.

And so on… A lot can be explained by cold logic. And yet it is impossible to deny that there is something unearthly in this character … Inexplicable, like an incident during one of the expeditions: when a connecting rod bear came out to the parking lot, instead of shooting, Efremov just growled so menacingly that the adult male rushed to run, like a rabbit…

“Nature generously endowed Efremov,” wrote paleontologist Pyotr Chudinov. “He was handsome with strict male beauty. He was not fussy, did not make unnecessary movements, he was never in a hurry. He walked easily and silently. London’s “magnificent specimen of human nature” was embodied in him, as it were. However, in combination with these purely external data with character traits, intellectual and human essence, he seems more like the personification of Chekhov’s ideal image … “

Add to this the genius in everything he did. Isn’t it too perfect for a human? Maybe it’s an alien after all?

And maybe he didn’t die, but just flew home? Therefore, 40 volumes of the case of Ivan Antonovich Efremov, a scientist, writer, dinosaur hunter, have not yet been declassified …

“Pioneers of the Far East. Real Russian heroes: from Yerofey Khabarov to Vladimir Arsenyev, Ivan Efremov and Grigory Fedoseyev” – PThe first voluminous work in many years about the people who discovered the expanses of our country, covers more than 300 years of research history. 22 outstanding people, the fate of each of which can become the basis for a modern blockbuster. It is thanks to them that the territory of Russia has more than doubled, and quickly and peacefully. They discovered countless riches of the Far East and explored the most inaccessible corners of the country. These are real superheroes.

Yevgeny Sazonov, himself a traveler and fan of extreme sports, talking about seemingly well-known people, brilliantly conveys the essence of the superhuman heroism of his characters. Even today, having at their disposal modern types of navigation and technology, special food and special clothes, not every professional will be able to follow the path of Vasily Poyarkov, Vitus Bering or Vladimir Arsenyev. Perhaps, after reading the book, we will understand the main riddle – what kind of mover was inside these people?

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