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The swimsuit It is one of the seasonal garments, and not only women can wear it on their summer vacations, it is also a men’s theme. For decades, this garment has undergone a significant evolution and has adapted to trends, styles and needs of each era.

Speaking specifically of men’s swimwear, in its beginningsin the upper bourgeoisie, was un one-piece model that covered from shoulders to feet with traditional horizontal stripes. But it was not until the 1930s that a more versatile and up-to-date piece began to be manufactured, such as very short shorts, which little by little were injected with color, designs, and accessories. It was also very common among American surfers.

“In the Latin American theme, swimsuits are attributed to surfers, they were with a waistband, not so close to the leg, then the trend was the Brazilians,” Luis Toro told Círculos.

Nowadays, swimsuits have been adapted to the sportswear trend which is a garment that in addition to being able to swim with it, is also ideal to use outside the pool while resting on the lounger, you sunbathe or for the tourist tours that you make in your vacation plan.

“They are resort-type shorts, men are practical and we like to have pieces that are functional for us all day, that is why the trend of these shorts-swimsuits are dominating the industry, because in addition to being versatile they are quick-drying, they have also become popular because pool parties and beach clubs are becoming more and more common,” he added.

“I think that men, in addition to looking for attractive designs, their priority is the functionality and performance of the garments,” added the expert.

He toon marketing director of Cubavera, commented that The most important thing when it comes to wearing a swimsuit, in addition to trends, is putting our personal touch and style on it.

“The classics will never go out of style, and neither will the colors, the textures create a unique and versatile style always hand in hand with a complementary garment, be it a guayabera, shirts, cotton t-shirts, the idea is to look incredible with an elegant look, relaxed and fun”, he adds.

Tropical prints:For a long time, tropical prints have been the protagonists of swimsuits, “everything that has to do with the beach or tropical animal species, parrots, toucans, palm trees, coconuts, all this is the summer trend”.

Stretch fabrics:It was believed that this type of fabric was only for women, but for just over five years, they have been included in men’s clothing and even in bathing suits, “the advantage is that they give freedom of movement and can shape the silhouette,” he said.

Height above the knee: The cut of the swimsuit has to be seven inches, that is, about 17 centimeters, that is above the knee, there are longer ones, but a tip is to hem it and that will give it a more versatile touch.

Solid colors:Pastels are seasonal, pink is one of the most popular.

Always above the knee: everyone looks good, especially if you have short legs, it is advisable to show your knees, as this will make you look longer. Also, if you are a person who goes to the gym, and likes to show the results of many hours of exercise, wearing it above the knee is ideal. It also depends on how short you want it.

Versatile Garment: When buying a swimsuit, always think about how functional and versatile it can be, that is, that you have the option of using it as casual clothing and for swimming.

Choose two styles: As a rule of thumb, it is essential to have one solid color and one with prints in your wardrobe. “Always having fun clothes with prints and elegant clothes is an option to achieve different looks.

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