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Doctor Nikolskaya advised to collect evidence and go to the police in case of harassment at work

Psychologist and coach Alena Nikolskaya told how to deal with office harassment. In a conversation with Channel Five, she named ways to stop harassment at work.

In the event of an encounter with aggressive harassment from colleagues, the doctor advised first of all to tell everything to the higher management and ask them to take immediate action. If the harassment comes from the boss, then, according to the psychologist, it is worthwhile in front of witnesses to clearly indicate to him the moments that do not suit him in his behavior. “This is especially true for girls who are not accustomed to express their discontent sharply and play the “good girl”. In this case, the rapist receives the so-called double bind. On the one hand, the victim asks to be left alone, and on the other hand, she allows such behavior out of politeness, ”Nikolskaya explained.

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She added that if top management and company owners tacitly support such behavior on the part of the aggressor, you should be ready to be fired. The psychologist also advised victims of harassment to collect evidence confirming harassment at work. It is not necessary to delete messages, letters, photos and other media files sent by the aggressor, as they can be useful in proving the charges being made if you have to go to the police.

In addition, Nikolskaya advised to try to ignore the aggressor, try to intersect with him only at public meetings and not answer questions not related to work.

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