Mexican women’s American soccer team debuts with victory in the World Cup

After the long journey that the trip and the previous days entailed, the Mexican women’s football team was finally able to debut in the World championshipand he did it with pride and quality, defeating 34-6 his similar Australia.

Beyond the long journey and that some of its players reached Finland about the hour, the Aztec team forgot the federative problems and went out to the grid with the desire to show their talent.

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They did so, with an outstanding performance both offensively and defensively, with memorable plays that allowed him to take the advantage quickly through Andrea Romero, after a pass from quarterback María Cruz.

With the advantage, the defense did its bit with an interception that allowed the Tricolor extend the advantage after a new pass from Cruz to María Granados. Although Australia sought to get the game back on track, a new Barbosa touchdown put the drubbing on track just before the break.

Although the Aussies managed to pull one back early in the third quarter on Casey Barne’s run for a crucial fourth and goal, Mexico was unwilling to risk the result and did not take their foot off the accelerator. The runner Andrea Romero and the catcher Ana Barbosa put definitive numbers to sign a liberating victory.

Quarterback María Cruz signed an outstanding performance by completing 20 of her 34 passes for a total of 190 yards and four touchdowns, while Ana Barbosa had five receptions for 73 yards and two touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Mexico will no longer be able to fight for the first places after arriving late at the World championship and lose by default to the Britain. The national team will play next Sunday the duel for fifth place.

It should be remembered that the Mexican team had a lot of trouble getting to Finland. According to the above, despite being told that they already had the tickets, the lack of payment made the journey a viacrucis.

Mexico had to travel in groups to the venue and did so with the sadness of not being able to fight for the podium. In the 2017 World Cupthe tricolors took the bronze medal, for this edition the illusion was great, but the mismanagement of resources took them away.

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