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The priest Michoacan Jose Luis Segura Barraganresponsible for the vicarage Fixed of Sacred Heart of Jesus in the hill, Jaliscobelonging to the Diocese of Apatzingandenounced threats from a Armed group who broke into the chapel where officiates mass.

In a letter addressed to attorney general of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero and to fiscal of Jalisco, Luis Joaquin Mendez Ruizthe religious explained that last Friday, July 22, during the homily at 1:00 p.m., a group of approximately nine armed youths entered the chapel of Zipoco, municipality of Santa María del Oro, a town of 93 inhabitants and where you arrive by roads of dirt after a trip of several hours.

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He stressed that in the territories under bullying or group control organized criminalsunfortunately it is usual for the population to see armed people walking their streets or in the vicinity of the temples devoted to religious worship.

Safe Barragan He reported that at the end of the mass, he and a person who assists and accompanies him all the way to the communities where he fulfills his duties pastoralcame out of the chapel and heard a series of insults and threats launched by an individual who apparently leads the armed menapproximately 35 years old, who said out loud that he wanted to speak with the clergyman, since he and his group control those lands and that they are originally from Colombia.

The priest pointed out that he informed the Diocese of Apatzinganto the bishop Christopher Ascencio Garcia and the Conference of Mexican Episcopate (EMC). He stated that after this incident she has received messages of solidarity from several people, including citizens from Colombia.

He indicated that people “of good will” have offered to mobilize their resources to request his return to the state of Michoacanhowever, “I have decided to decline their propositions, because with this act I would undermine the spiritual strength of the Church catholic and I would fail to fulfill the religious vocation to which I have consecrated my present life and my eternal life”.

Finally, he asked the prosecutors of the Republic and the state of Jaliscoas well as the state and federal authorities, to take all pertinent actions to safeguard the freedoms of worship, expression and transit, and the protection of the population of the vicarage in their charge.

Note originally published in The Sun of Morelia

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