Microsoft will reduce work in Russia to a minimum

Microsoft office

Microsoft Corporation will curtail its work in Russia until it reduces its presence in the Russian market to a minimum or eliminates it completely. This was announced on Thursday by company president Brad Smith.

“We also want to help the people who work for our company, and think about how to provide the support they deserve,” he is quoted as saying. Smith The Washington Post.

In late March Microsoft refused to completely break off cooperation with Russia. The company planned to continue to work with ordinary users, as well as with schools, hospitals and other organizations in Russia. Microsoft stressed that depriving these institutions of services and software updates could jeopardize the safety of civilians, including children and the elderly.

However, on Sunday, June 19, Microsoft forbade the Russians to install from the Windows 10 and 11 website. However, if you use a VPN, downloading is possible. That is, access to the company’s operating systems was limited only to Russians.

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