Milk and honey will be included in the menu of school canteens for Zhambyl students

TARAZ. KAZINFORM – Preparation of educational institutions of Zhambyl region for the new academic year is under constant control of local authorities, Kazinform correspondent reports.

As previously reported, more than half of the budget of the Zhambyl region sent in the field of education – in 2022, 244.4 billion tenge, which is 53% of the regional budget. 7.6 billion tenge was allocated for the construction of 22 educational facilities, 7 schools were put into operation, ten more will be built by the end of the year.

According to the education department of the Zhambyl region, in the past 2021-2022 academic year, 244,299 students studied in 480 educational organizations of the region. In the new academic year 2022-2023, it is planned that 21,999 students will go to the first grade of Zhambyl schools.

Financing in the amount of 6.8 billion tenge for the construction of 15 schools by 2022 has been considered. Construction work is underway today. This year, 10 schools will be commissioned in five districts and the city of Taraz. It is planned to solve the problems of two three-shift schools, two schools with a shortage of places and six dilapidated schools. 4.1 million tenge was allocated for the overhaul of 18 educational facilities, which are 16 schools and two kindergartens. In addition, 36 million tenge was allocated for the purchase of fiction.

At the meeting in the regional council, such topical issues as the quality of food in school canteens, the implementation of youth policy and others were discussed.

“In the new academic year, the quality of food in schools should be under strict control. Children should receive the necessary vitamins, honey and milk should be included in their menu, – said the head of the region Nurzhan Nurzhigitov. – The upbringing of the younger generation, the implementation of youth policy in the region are on the agenda. All conditions are created so that schoolchildren can attend various circles and play sports in their free time. Youth policy should be taken seriously. Consider allocating separate buildings for youth centers and help equip them. It is important to work comprehensively with NEET youth.”

There are 480 educational organizations in the Zhambyl region – 444 daytime, 4 evening, 5 special and 27 private schools.

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