Miners are trapped in Sabinas, Coahuila, due to flooding – The Sun Post

Sabinas, Coahuila.- At least nine miners were trapped after one of the “wells” in which they allegedly worked flooded at noon on Wednesday.

According to the information available to date, the incident occurred in the coal mine located in the community of “Las Conchas”, in the area “Agujita”.

He was one of the miners who worked in the area of ​​the mishap, the one who made known what happened to Civil Protection after he managed to get out safe and sound through a loophole that crossed an old mine.

However, he himself reported that nine colleagues were trapped in the “little hole” that was flooded, so brigade members began the rescue process by analyzing the mine.

After giving his statement to the authorities, the worker was taken to Clinic 24 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Nueva Rosita, to receive specialized care.

The first versions suggest that it was an underground river that flooded the area where the nine miners were, whose health status is unknown.


A year has passed since the last accident recorded in a mine in the Coal Region of Coahuila, as it will be remembered in June 2021 in the town of Rancherías, seven lost their lives after the area where they worked was flooded.

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