Ministry of Economy: hearing on rules of origin in the automotive sector concludes – El Sol de México

The hearing related to the case initiated by Mexico Y Canada against USA regarding the interpretation and application of the Rules of Origin in the Automotive Sector of the Treaty between Mexico, USA Y Canada (USMCA), reported the Ministry of Economy.

Through a statement, the institution indicated that the Panel listened to the considerations of the three Parties of the USMCA and, according to the procedural calendar, it will issue a decision at the end of November of this year.

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“The government of Mexicothrough the Secretary of Economy as the dependence of Federal Public Administration responsible for coordinating the defense of the mexican state in dispute settlement procedures under international trade treaties, will continue to work to protect the Automotive industrywhich is a motor of our economy and on which 6 million Mexican families depend,” said Economy in your document.

The position of Mexico throughout this controversy has been that, according to the text of the USMCAthe interpretation and application of Treaty it must allow vehicle producers in the region to benefit from the new origin requirements laid down in the Treaty.

Specifically, the controversy brought by Mexico refers to the refusal of the United States to use certain methodologies for essential parts, such as engines or suspensions, to be considered originating for purposes of later incorporation into a vehicle.

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