More than 40 Russian-related monuments to be demolished in Kyiv

Klitschko said that more than 40 monuments connected with Russia are being dismantled in Kyiv

Authorities Kyiv decided to demolish more than 40 monuments associated with Russia. This was announced on Saturday, May 14, by the mayor of the city Vitaliy Klichko in his Telegramchannel on Saturday, May 14th.

According to him, the list of monuments and memorial signs to be dismantled has already been approved by local deputies. It is planned that they will be transferred to the Museum of Totalitarianism.

Klitschko also noted that the Kyiv City Council decided to “decommunize” the name of the Friendship of Peoples Arch, which was a symbol of the unity of Russians and Ukrainians. Now it will be called the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian people.

“Today there is a request from the Ukrainian society to remove names associated with Russia from the map of Kyiv. But new names should live for tens or even hundreds of years. Therefore, the naming process should be fast, but justified,” Klitschko added.

On April 14, it became known that in Ternopil city in western Ukraine demolished a monument to Soviet pilots in the form of an airplane. The mayor of the city, Sergei Nadal, explained this decision by the fact that the aircraft was declared emergency.

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