Morena candidate: AMLO insists that he has a covered candidate for 2024

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed this Wednesday that he does not have a “covered” candidate for the 2024 presidential election and also urged that the “finger” to choose the presidential standard-bearer ended in the party he founded, Morena.

“There is no cover, there is no finger,” the president stressed during his morning press conference at the National Palace.

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López Obrador added that many are dislocated “because they do not want to accept that the people are in charge” and added: “Then they can be up there seeking positions or fighting, but in the end who is going to decide is the people. I’m not going to decide myself, because that’s a very important change, there’s no big deal anymore”.

When asked by a reporter about the process in Morena for the renewal of management bodies and the election of a presidential candidate in that party that he founded, he said that he does not intervene in these processes, although it was insisted that his opinion is important to determine candidates. to which he replied: “Yes, my opinion is very important but it is what I am making known, my opinion is that the people rule. I’m not going to say it I’m not going to say all (the applicants) are good, Of course, better than those that the conservative bloc can postulate.”, he expressed.

“Before, in the conservative conception, because the people did not exist, politics was made by politicians with their mouthfuls, their agreements, not now, now the main protagonist is the people, it is the people, then they can be on top seeking positions or fighting, but In the end, it is the people that will decide,” assured the president.

The president lashed out again against the opposition and said that “those who are thinking that because they are friends of an influential person (they can aspire to something) are wasting their time, well that could be there in Claudio X. González’s party but in a democratic party that seeks a transformation that does not work”, he concluded.

So far, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, secretary of External relationshipsis the official who has received the most neutral mentions from the Presidentwith 114 references, and the one with the highest number of positive mentions or recognitions, with nine.

follows him Claudia Sheinbaum Pardohead of government of Mexico City, with 40 neutral mentions and eight positive mentions or acknowledgments for her work.

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The government SecretaryAdán Augusto López Hernández, has so far 43 mentions of López Obrador, of which four were as governor of Tabasco and 39 as responsible for internal politics. The positive references to the official by the president add up to six.

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