Moscow schoolchildren will compete for the right to go to the North Pole

In 2023, all Moscow schools will host an exciting competition for knowledge of the Arctic. The winner of the competition, called “Young Polar Explorer”, will go on a real journey on an icebreaker to the North Pole. The project was launched on October 25 at the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society.

The Young Polar Explorer project is being implemented on the initiative of Alexei Shaposhnikov, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma. The idea of ​​holding competitions among the capital’s schoolchildren was supported by the Russian Geographical Society, the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow, the prefectures of administrative districts, the Rosatom Corporation, and the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The purpose of the competition is to form children’s and teenagers’ interest in studying the Arctic zone of Russia.

“Today we are launching the Young Polar Explorer educational project, which gained public popularity over the past year and was held as a pilot project in educational complexes of the North-Eastern Administrative District. After that, the project was recognized as a success by the Department of Education, and in 2023 all Moscow schoolchildren will be able to take part in this project, – emphasized Alexey Shaposhnikov during his speech at the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society.

Last year, 500 schoolchildren participated in the trial competition, the winners of the competition visited St. Petersburg and Murmansk, and the winner visited the North Pole, making a trip aboard the icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy”. The number of project participants this year can grow 10 times. The conditions for participation in the competition are published on portal of the city methodological center. Registration will last until November 23rd.

As Ilya Novokreshchenov, deputy head of the Moscow Department of Education and Science, told reporters, after the registration stage is completed, lectures will begin for schoolchildren. They will be read by the scientific director of the competition, honorary polar explorer, leading researcher of the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University Fedor Romanenko. After each lecture, the performance of creative tasks is provided, for which children will receive points.

— Last year we managed to hold a whole series of lectures, during which we made a number of discoveries. It would seem an amazing thing to talk about well-known plots, but when preparing for a lecture, you find new approaches, digressions, and it becomes more and more interesting. The guys were, of course, the catalyst for this interest. This year we will slightly expand our program, there will be no repetitions. We will remember those heroes of the Arctic who gave their strength, health, and sometimes even their very lives to its exploration, — Fedor Romanenko said.

Ilya Gurov, First Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Geographical Society, took part in the meeting of the organizing committee of the educational local history project “Young Polar Explorer” at the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in Moscow. He noted that the Russian Geographical Society is traditionally a point of attraction for all polar explorers, including young ones. Age is not the main thing, it is important that a person’s heart be given to the Arctic.

“It always makes me happy that people who are not indifferent to geography come to us, who are in our society or who have yet to become members of our organization and make their discoveries. I think that among the participants of the “Young Polar Explorer” contest – and they are still young guys – there are people who have already matured in order to think about their life path. And this competition, which is being implemented on the initiative of Alexei Valeryevich Shaposhnikov, will help many to decide whether they have chosen the right path for themselves or not. Do you want to become a polar explorer or a sales manager? Of course, both are acceptable, but nothing can take away romance from the profession of a polar explorer. Therefore, the Russian Geographical Society, like last year, will help the Young Polar Explorer contest with excursions and prizes. In a word, we will try to make it interesting, but we will not give out all the secrets yet, – emphasized Ilya Gurov.

During the meeting of the organizing committee of the competition, Alexei Shaposhnikov, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma, was accepted as a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

– Aleksey Valerievich applied for membership in the Russian Geographical Society. Today we are pleased to welcome the Chairman of the Moscow Parliament to the big team of the Russian Geographical Society! — said Ilya Gurov.

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