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Spectator: only a quarter of Italians support US policy towards Ukraine

Most Italians believe that the West must find a way to start peace talks with Russia, and only a quarter believe that supplying arms to Ukraine is the right thing to do. About it informs British edition of the Spectator.

According to columnist and author of the publication Nicholas Farell (Nicholas Farrell), Opinion polls in Italy show little support for US action. Thus, 56 percent of respondents believe that the United States under President Joe Biden too biased in terms of military support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Italy and EU must follow their own policies. Only 26 percent of Italians believe that the US is defending democracy and Europe, and arms sales are the right thing to do.

Nearly two-thirds of Italians (62 percent) are in favor of the West having to start peace talks “at any cost” and only a quarter (26 percent) believe the current US and EU policy is the right one.

Less than half (44 per cent) think that Finland and Sweden should join NATO As soon as possible. While the majority are in favor of sanctions (though not on gas, nearly half of which comes from Russia), only 14 percent see sanctions as useful.

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