Muscovites warned about the likelihood of a thunderstorm on May 15

©Andrey Lyubimov/Moskva Agency

On Sunday, May 15, the weather conditions in the capital region will again be determined by the rear of the cyclone. Cloudy skies are forecast for this day. Light rainfall is also expected.

Air temperature

The thermometers in Moscow will show from 16 to 16°C above zero. In the Moscow region, the temperature can rise to 17°C. At night, in the capital, the indicator will drop to + 7 ° С, in the Moscow region – to + 4 ° С.

Wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity

The wind is forecast to be from the west. It will blow at a speed of 7–12 m/s. Precipitation during the day is expected in the form of light rain, in some places a thunderstorm is likely. The relative humidity of the air will rise to about 50%. Atmospheric pressure in the middle of the day will remain at 739 mm Hg. Art., reported on the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

Climatic comfort and geomagnetic activity

The geomagnetic background on May 15 is predicted to be calm with separate periods of instability. At the same time, a reduced background of atmospheric pressure will remain, with variable cloudiness the sun will peep through, the oxygen content is within the normal range. Such weather is quite comfortable even for most weather-dependent people, although symptoms of vegetative and vascular deterioration in well-being are likely, reports the portal “Meteonovosti”.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center warned that Muscovites do not yet have to rely on warm May weather: at the beginning of next week, temperature is 3–4°C below climatic norm. In addition, the weather will be rainy, and atmospheric pressure will be low, by 8–10 mm Hg. Art. below the norm.

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