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The city ​​hall of national bridgeled by the mayor of Morena, Roberto Montiel Montiel, was the first to deliver to the local Congress the minutes of the Cabildo with the ratification of the initiative by which section III was added to article 11 of the local Constitution to recognize people not born in Veracruz as Veracruzans.

This initiative was called “Nahle Law” because it is speculated that it is intended to allow the current Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle García, originally from Zacatecasbe the Morena candidate for Veracruz in the 2024 electoral process.

Nahle García has children born in VeracruzTherefore, when the initiative is approved, she could be a candidate for the governorship, since she would obtain recognition as a Veracruz citizen.

Veracruz joins what 18 other states allow: mayor

By majority of votes, the Cabildo de Puente Nacional approved the Draft Decree establishing that “Mexicans born outside the territory of the state are from Veracruzwith children from Veracruz or with a effective residence of five years in Veracruz territory.

Mayor Roberto Montiel said that with said approval the local Congress took “a firm and historic step in the construction of a plural society”, since no citizen will be discriminated against or relegated for not having been born in the territory of Veracruz.

stated that they are 18 entities in which there is already the possibility that people not born in its territory can access positions of popular election, including the governorship.

He stressed that in the legislation of Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tabasco, Tlaxcala, Yucatán, Zacatecas, Durango, Campeche and Baja California Sur The possibility has been recognized for Mexicans or Mexicans not born in their respective territories to acquire citizenship by residence.

After the approval of this initiative, it is up to the municipalities to ratify or reject itSince it is a constitutional reform, the decree was turned over to the Cabildos, where it will move towards its ratification.

How many councils are needed to pass the law?

In accordance with local law, for the reform is integrated into the text of the local Constitution the approval of the majority of the municipalities is necessary, that is, in at least minus 107.

The ratification of the reform must be given in an extraordinary session of the Cabildo and communicate to Congress or the Permanent Deputation within 30 calendar days following the day they received the project.

Currently Morena governs in 104 municipalities and alone it would not have the majority to ratify the reform, but its allies, the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) and the Labor Party (PT), preside over 18 and 9 city councils, respectively.

In addition, if within 30 days, some municipalities do not send to the State Congress the minutes of the Cabildo sessions in which the meaning of the vote is established, it will be taken as a vote in favor through the figure of the affirmative ficta.

At the expiration of the 30-calendar-day period, in a session of the Plenary of Deputies or the Permanent Council, the votes of the municipalities will be counted and, where appropriate, the declaration that the reform has been approved.

Subsequently, the decree will be sent to the head of the Executive Power for its promulgation and publication in the Official State Gazette.

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