Named 5 habits from childhood that age you too quickly

Day after day, repeating these habitual actions, as well as following the instructions from childhood, you do not notice how you spoil your health. These are the habits you should pay attention to, and then – to tie with them once and for all.

“Hold” face with hands

Many have noticed how children sit at school in the classroom – every third props up his face. This habit, meanwhile, is not useful, moreover, it can backfire in adulthood. Try to get rid of it, otherwise the appearance of early wrinkles is inevitable, the skin will become flabby and may even sag – where you “hold” your face. As a result, the formation of asymmetry, told in a conversation with the portal rejuvenation expert Natalya Sokolova.

Cross-leg pose

This position is especially dangerous if you sit at the computer for a long time and generally lead a sedentary lifestyle. The habit of sitting cross-legged can “reward” you with varicose veins, cellulite, as well as osteochondrosis or curvature of the spine.

little move

Today, many children prefer to sit on their gadgets and play on the computer than run around the yard with friends. As a result, a child already in early childhood earns a number of health problems – from myopia and scoliosis to obesity. And in adulthood, this habit of moving little and, in general, a lack of physical activity will affect the physical condition – muscles will lose tone, insulin resistance will develop (a harbinger of diabetes) or cholesterol will increase.

Bad posture

As a child, you won’t get used to keeping your back straight – when you become an adult, you will get at least regular headaches, an “oak” back and spinal problems, the expert notes.

Forbid yourself to show emotions

Settings from childhood – phrases that adults drive into a child’s head – have a delayed negative effect. For example, such: “Public interests are higher than personal”, “I am the last letter in the alphabet”, “To love yourself means to be selfish.” The child who absorbed them, most likely, will work hard all his life, 24/7, help everyone who asks, while forgetting about his basic needs – rest, relaxation, the correct daily routine. The consequence is an early heart attack, which at best only very seriously affects the quality of life.

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