named cheapening the image of a woman summer clothes

Crop Tops

Crop Tops


Blogger Antonia Higham bulks up summer wardrobe items that visually reduce the cost of a woman’s image. Video on this topic Posted on my TikTok page.

So, first of all, the fashion expert urged viewers to abandon crop tops despite their wide popularity. In addition, Crocs brand rubber clogs, which, in her opinion, are only suitable for a beach holiday, can ruin the look.

Denim shorts, T-shirts and bralette tops also got into the anti-rating of things. The blogger is sure that these clothes are not suitable for women who want to look elegant. “Please stop wearing Birkenstock sandals and colorful supermarket jumpsuits,” Higham concluded.

The blogger’s post went viral and gained over 500,000 views. Netizens thanked her for her advice in the comments below the video. “Yes, you are right”, “Finally someone said it”, “Thank you very much!”, “Great advice”, “Thank you,” they wrote.

In the pursuit of fashion, some women make mistakes and spoil their appearance with the wrong styles of clothing and details. Previously, the stylist named five dresses that reduce the cost of the image.

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