Named the condition for saving Europe from the energy crisis Russian news EN

Bloomberg: Europe will be saved from the energy crisis by average air temperatures

The countries of Europe were called the condition for salvation from the impending full-scale energy crisis – probably only average air temperatures will help, suppose at Bloomberg.

Extreme weather changes have meant that France and Germany could lose local electricity production due to the low level of the rivers Meuse and Rhine. France uses river water to cool reactors and regulate the country’s largest nuclear power plant. At the same time, in Germany, barges are moving along the river, supplying fuel for coal-fired power plants. The Rhine is currently 33 centimeters below normal, with a further 37 centimeters drop, vessel traffic will be severely restricted.

The energy crisis may affect European countries in the coming months, as the situation on the global energy market is quite tense, and gas, imported by states mostly from Russia, enters the region in reduced volumes. The journalists of the publication suggest that Europe will be able to avoid a catastrophe if a relatively mild winter comes to the region in 2022-2023. However, stronger cold snaps, as in 2017 and 2020, will be devastating for the region.

In anticipation of the cold months of the winter of the country EU pumping volumes of gas into European storage facilities. They are currently about 50% full. However, the region faces the threat of not receiving the required volumes of fuel by the beginning of the heating season. This is due to the policy of some countries refusing to pay for Russian gas in rubles, as well as to the reduction in fuel supplies from Russia.

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