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The Moscow region was named the most expensive destination in Russia for a sanatorium holiday in the summer

It became known about the maximum demand for holidays in sanatoriums among Russians in recent years – 2022 may become a record year for the loading of health facilities. This is reported on the website. “Sanatoriums-Russia.rf”.

This year, there is an interest in recreation in non-resort regions of the country. Experts named the cost of living in sanatoriums in the upcoming summer season.

For example, a sanatorium vacation in the Urals will cost between 4.5-5.4 thousand rubles per day, Kaliningrad region – 4.7 thousand rubles. The highest-budget region turned out to be Moscow regionwhere the average cost of accommodation reaches 5.9 thousand rubles per night.

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Altai Republic and Altai region are considered the most expensive destinations in Siberia – the average cost of daily accommodation in sanatoriums is about 5.5 thousand rubles per person.

As more budgetary regions, experts identified Saratov region (3.1 thousand rubles per day), Oryol region (three thousand rubles) and Zabaykalsky Krai (2.9 thousand).

“High demand has exposed a long-standing problem of the industry, which is an acute shortage of four and five-star health resorts,” said the head of the Tatarstan Sanatoriums Association. Evgeny Terentiev.

Earlier in April Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) named Kislovodsk the most popular destination for spa holidays within the country. The minimum cost of a day of a wellness tour with accommodation, meals and spa treatment starts from three thousand rubles per person.

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