Named the countries that benefited from the introduction of parallel imports Russian news EN

ACRA announced the benefits of Turkey, Kazakhstan and China from the introduction of parallel imports in Russia

Head of the sovereign and regional ratings group, ACRA Elena Anisimova listed the states that will benefit most from the introduction of parallel imports in Russia. Expert’s words leads RIA News.

According to Anisimova, such countries as Turkey, Kazakhstan, China and Armenia will win under these conditions. Parallel imports will help avoid shortages due to declining stocks of goods, and prices will rise due to rising transaction costs, including transport costs.

“The growth of imports will help reduce the rate of price growth in the economy, limit the strengthening of the ruble, as well as increase trade with countries through which parallel imports will be carried out. Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Armenia can become beneficiary countries of such imports,” the analyst believes.

Previously Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia published list of goods for parallel import. The list includes, in particular, cosmetic components, chemical products, musical instruments and spare parts for cars. The list also includes trees and other plants, lime and cement, pharmaceutical products, plastics and products made from them. There are 96 items on the list in total.

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