Named the countries with the most expensive gas in Europe Russian news EN

RIA Novosti study: the most expensive gas in Europe is bought by residents of Sweden

Residents of Sweden buy the most expensive gas in Europe. Analysts came to this conclusion RIA News in their research.

To assess the cost of gas for the population, analysts analyzed prices in terms of rubles. At the same time, to determine the availability of fuel for the end consumer, not only its cost was taken into account, but also the average level of income of citizens.

“The most expensive gas is purchased by residents of Sweden. In terms of the Russian currency, a cubic meter of blue fuel will cost local consumers 137 rubles,” the rating indicates.

They pay a little less in Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain – there a cubic meter of gas costs more than 80 rubles.

Least for gas pay residents of Kazakhstan. The country took first place in the ranking of countries in terms of gas availability for the population. An average resident of Kazakhstan can purchase 8.6 thousand cubic meters of gas for his average monthly salary. Residents of Moldova can buy the least gas: for an average salary – 858 cubic meters. This is ten times less than in Kazakhstan.

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