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Suzdaltsev said that the West is blocking the development of certain sectors of the Russian economy

Political scientist and economist Andrey Suzdaltsev in an interview with named the main task of Western sanctions against Russia. According to him, the main purpose of the restrictions is not to strike at Russia, but to block the development of certain sectors of the country’s economy.

“With sanctions, there will be no investment. And now the West is ready to bear heavy losses, if only the sanctions are maintained. So far, we have not received any particular losses, but we must understand that our oil is being sold in large surpluses. Often it is resold, cashing in on our misfortune. This could be put up with, because we are traditionally used to working on long-term contracts, now this is not the case, ”the expert said.

At the same time, Suzdaltsev noted that at least European Union and outlined firm intentions to abandon Russian energy resources, a number of countries expressed disagreement with this position, asking for an exception from the embargo on oil imports, since they are not able to cover the need for black gold at the expense of alternative suppliers.

Former MP State DumaMember of the Committee on Budget and Taxes Evgeny Fedorov toldthat the dollar for the United States has more of a political component than an economic one, and explained on what basis Washington is taking this or that step.

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