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Nutritionist Pisareva called Olivier, herring under a fur coat and mimosa the most harmful salads

Russian nutritionist Irina Pisareva called Olivier, herring under a fur coat and mimosa the most harmful among the salads popular with Russians. She has her opinion expressed in an interview with

“Olivier is probably the most popular salad in Russia. It is the most harmful because mayonnaise is added to it. Secondly, it combines peas, legumes, starchy, plus most often it is made with sausage, ”said Pisareva. In addition, the salad contains a lot of salt, which makes it a calorie “carb bomb”, she added.

“The second salad is a herring under a fur coat. They are about the same in popularity with Olivier. Nobody makes it with yogurt or sour cream, ”the nutritionist emphasized. According to her, 90 percent of Russians make it with mayonnaise, which contains a lot of salt and sugar. “For people prone to edema and kidney problems, this salad is contraindicated,” the specialist warned.

“The third salad is mimosa. Probably, all mayonnaise salads are the most popular among Russians,” she said.

In order to make salads less high-calorie and more healthy, the nutritionist advised replacing sausage with chicken fillet, mayonnaise with yogurt sauce or olive oil, and eggs with avocados. “The avocado contains healthy fats and it does not contribute to the production of bad cholesterol, and there is a lot of it in the yolk of an egg,” Pisareva explained.

Formerly Pisarev told, which is the most useful and safest chicken skewers. She recommended cooking the bird skinless and not over high heat. In addition, a good choice for barbecue is fish – for example, salmon or trout.

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