Named ways to recognize fake hotel reviews

Girl looking at hotel reviews

Travelers are advised to be suspicious of positive hotel reviews written in an overly enthusiastic manner. How to recognize fake reviews told expert Matthew Heyrsnape (Matthew Hairsnape).

AT conversation with Mirror he noted that five-point estimates of place of residence can often be falsified. According to him, it is unlikely that the hotel receives exclusively positive reviews without at least one comment or suggestion for improving the service. This also applies to too “colorful” negative reviews – they can be written by competitors.

When reading reviews, it is important to pay attention to details. Most often, a real person will add some details to the review. You should also check the reviewers themselves: pay attention to their name, photo, check if the user’s vacation dates in different hotels overlap.

“Be careful when reading reviews from users who don’t have a profile picture and have a very unusual name, like Theodore the Golden Apple, or a name that is considered too common,” Hairsnape said.

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