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The Hill columnist predicted NATO’s strategic humiliation due to Biden’s mistake in Ukraine

The reaction to the situation in Ukraine was the second mistake of the US president Joe Bidenwhich leads NATO to the strategic humiliation of NATO. This opinion was expressed by columnist William Moloney in an article for the American edition. The Hill.

The first failure he called the “shameful flight” of the United States from Afghanistan. According to him, the withdrawal of American troops was a great shock to the North Atlantic Alliance and raised “serious doubts about the prudence, stability and reliability of the United States as the leader of the free world.”

Moloney pointed out that against the background of the rapidly changing situation in Ukraine, there are signs that Washington is leading NATO to an even worse defeat, which could lead to a dramatic restructuring of the geopolitical structure of the world. In particular, he drew attention to the fact that the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Romania during a recent visit to Kyiv did not promise Ukraine new deliveries of heavy weapons.

Moloney also cited an Asia Times article that called the Europeans’ stance leaving the Biden administration in an unsolvable dilemma. It is noted that the situation in Ukraine has reached a critical stage, and the world economy is suffering from interruptions in the supply of energy and food from Russia and Ukraine. Against this background, Washington’s boast that America “was able to remove [президента России Владимира] Putin from power, undermined Russia’s combat effectiveness and halved its economy “look very ridiculous,” the author of the Asia Times publication believes.

Formerly American television personality Stuart Varney declaredthat the series of crises that occurred under US President Joe Biden is mostly the fault of the head of state himself.

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