Neurologist Ovsyannikova explained what disease the habit of airing can be a symptom of

“The brain is the most sensitive organ to oxygen deficiency, hence the whole palette of “vegetative” complaints during stagnation and increased intracranial pressure,” explains neurologist Ksenia Ovsyannikova.

And the arteries that supply fresh blood are forced to literally push it into the skull, most often with the help of spasms. The sensation is as if a stake had been inserted into the neck.

– In the head, against the background of an increase in inflow with a disturbed outflow, it becomes even more cloudy and heavier, may have a migrainethe doctor warns.

If you do not pay attention to the situation and do not treat it, then over time the blood flow will decrease, but in return it will come persistent dizzinessyou will feel like you are riding the waves.

“It is also possible sleep disturbance, instability of blood pressure,” the neurologist Ovsyannikova lists. – There is a treatment regimen, but, like everything in the world, it has its own individual characteristics for each person.

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