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Doctor Olga Arisheva advised coffee lovers to replace it with chicory

Doctor gastroenterologist-hepatologist of the City Clinical Hospital. V.V. Vinogradova (Moscow), Candidate of Medical Sciences Olga Arisheva called the Russians a healthy alternative to coffee, which can be drunk in almost any quantity. In an interview with Dr. Peter, she advised take a closer look at chicory, and also listed several of its useful properties.

The doctor notes that for coffee lovers who at the same time want to reduce their caffeine intake, chicory will be an excellent substitute. According to Arisheva, it practically does not differ in taste from coffee, and you can drink it at any time of the day. “Chicory can be drunk both in the morning and in the evening, because it does not invigorate. It is recommended to drink no more than six cups a day, ”the gastroenterologist explained.

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She also listed several reasons why you should love chicory drinks. Firstly, according to her, chicory helps to restore the intestinal microflora, because it contains the natural prebiotic inulin. Secondly, the doctor claims, it contains vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B5 and B6, which increase immunity. Thirdly, due to riboflavin and thiamine, chicory helps the liver and kidneys, and the polyphenol in its composition helps to reduce inflammation, Arisheva emphasized. In addition, it is rich in iron, so it protects against anemia, the gastroenterologist concluded.

Before this doctor told about the dangers of popular summer drinks. According to her, cold coffee provokes heartburn and leads to dehydration.

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