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CNN: Baby can suffocate while sleeping with parents

Pediatrician Rebecca Carlin has warned of the deadly danger of sleeping a baby with their parents. The fact that the risk of sudden death of the death of a newborn grows five to ten times due to being in the same bed with a mother or father, the publication reported. CNN.

The doctor noted that many mothers prefer to sleep with the baby to make it easier to breastfeed at night. However, according to her, such a practice can cause the death of a newborn – he can suffocate.

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Carlin reminded her that after each feeding, the baby should be transferred to his own bed. “The baby should sleep in a separate bed, which is in the parents’ room. This is a prerequisite until the child is six months old, ”commented the pediatrician.

The expert also told what a newborn’s bed should be: with a hard mattress, without pillows, bumpers and extra decorations.

“Put your hand on the mattress, if there is a dent, then the mattress does not fit,” the pediatrician warned. She added that during sleep, a child can roll over and die from suffocation if the bed is too soft or if the head gets stuck in the side of the bed.

The pediatrician noted that parents intuitively strive to create comfort and even beauty for the child, although he does not need them. “All that is required for a quality sleep of an infant is a separate bed, a hard mattress and a sheet,” she recalled the main rule.

Previously, psychologists in an interview with toldhow to teach a child to sleep separately when, having reached a certain age, he constantly resorts to his parents’ bedroom. They emphasized that the process of accustoming a child to a separate room is long, but necessary.

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