Oil companies conveyed Biden’s wishes for gasoline Russian news EN

Energy Minister Granholm conveys Biden’s wishes to US oil companies on gasoline

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm conveyed the President’s wishes to the heads of the seven major oil companies Joe Biden see an increase in the supply of gasoline to the market. This was stated White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre RIA News.

According to her, the head of the Ministry of Energy made it clear that “the imperative is to increase the supply” of motor fuel.

June 22 Biden in person addressed calling on US refineries to increase gasoline production amid rising domestic fuel prices, which have already reached record levels. In addition, he promised citizens that in 2023 the United States will produce a record volume of oil.

Formerly Granholme admitted Biden’s use of military powers to increase oil refining due to the situation with rising gasoline prices. So the head of the department answered the question of whether the law of the Korean War can be applied, which allows the head of state to expand the production of certain products for national security, establishing control over the sectors of the civilian economy.

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