oil tankers from Russia began to disappear from the radar

Tankers with oil from Russia disappeared from the radar

Tankers with Russian oil began to increasingly disappear from the radar of special systems that track the movement of ships. So, over the past 10 days, at least three tankers have disappeared from sight. The last time the ships were near the Azores, next to Portugal, Bloomberg writes.. From the radar, in addition, tankers began to disappear, which are heading to Asia.

The agency writes that near the Azores, tankers may have reloaded oil to other vessels, while noting that before the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the shipment did not take place in that place. Transferring oil from one ship to another is a common practice, but the location of tankers is usually always visible in the monitoring system.

Journalists suggest that against the backdrop of the introduction of a large number of anti-Russian sanctions, individual buyers want to keep the fact of fuel purchases a secret. Such tactics, writes Bloomberg, resorted to carriers of sanctions oil from Iran and Venezuela.

At the end of May, the UK and the EU agreed ban on insurance of tankers with Russian oil. It was reported that because of this measure, Russia will lose access to the largest insurance market, Lloyd’s of London.

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