Olga Kormukhina supported Ramzan Kadyrov after statements about Poland Russian news EN

Singer Kormukhina supported Ramzan Kadyrov, who called on Poland to “stop yapping”

Russian singer Olga Kormukhina supported the head Chechnya Ramzana Kadyrov, who called on Poland to “stop yapping.” The corresponding post appeared in her Telegram-channel.

“Don’t stop Ramzan! He speaks to them in a language that is only understandable to them. And for a long time! Ever since the time when they were part of the Russian empire and our queen appointed them a king, ”Kormukhina commented on the statement of the head of the republic to Poland.

Formerly Kadyrov declaredthat Poland runs the risk of “becoming a reality” as quickly as it became a country, “if it doesn’t stop yapping.” According to him, Western media reports about the failed torture of Russian troops to take Donbass are false, “in fact, the situation is just the opposite.”

Prior to this, the head of Chechnya urged Poland to take away weapons and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine, noting that the country’s authorities “started bad games” with Russia. In his opinion, if Warsaw continues to “play to the tune of the West and America”, then this “will not lead to good.”

25 May Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki proposed buyers of Russian oil to pay a duty so as not to receive an advantage over other members EU. According to him, we are talking about such countries as Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

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