On November 12, Sinichkin Day will be held in Russia

On Saturday, November 12, Sinichkin Day will be celebrated in Russia. This ecological holiday, rooted in folk traditions, was established at the initiative of the Russian Union for the Protection of Birds. Residents of cities and villages, on the eve of cold weather, will begin to prepare for the meeting of “forest guests” – birds that will stay with us for the winter.

For the winter, not only tits move closer to people. At this time of the year, we will see bullfinches and goldfinches, jays, tap dances and waxwings more often. Environmental activists and just lovers of birds are now hanging up feeders and preparing top dressing for our smaller brothers all over the country.

So, in Moscow on Sinichkin Day, the annual environmental campaign “Tit Bird” will be launched. As part of the project, from November to March, employees of Mospriroda will tell citizens how to properly support birds during a difficult period, help them survive the winter, what to feed them and how to make feeders.

The state Reserve “Black Lands” in Kalmykia. There, from November 12 to December 30, a special competition will be held for schoolchildren who are fond of ecology and ornithology, ready to help birds to spend the winter comfortably. According to the results of the competition, the winners will receive diplomas and memorable gifts. But the main result is active participation in environmental protection activities.

The tit has long enjoyed love and respect among the people. This cute bird never loses heart and finds the strength to sing even in the most severe frosts. According to beliefs, tits bring happiness and good luck to the house, so our ancestors tried in every possible way to appease and attract them, feeding them with prepared delicacies. Not too salty fat, pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds will go well in the feed of a titmouse. In winter, it is difficult for a titmouse, and even other birds, to find food on their own, hidden deep under the snow. All insects have gone into hibernation, and the berries on the trees are not always enough for everyone.

“As you know, many birds die in winter not because of the cold, but because of the lack of the usual good nutrition, so winter feeding is one of the very important and effective environmental measures,” noted the specialists of the reserve “Chernye zemli”.

However, if the bird is full, even the most severe frosts are not afraid of it. By feeding the birds in winter, we do not just pamper them, but help them survive.

The world would be too dull if there were no birds in it. Let’s take care of them together, helping to survive the winter! Do not forget that by building a feeder, you take responsibility for its maintenance. Replenish food supplies in the cold season, birds will certainly thank you for it in spring!

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