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Daily Star: Fans unfollowed OnlyFans model Fox for removing body hair

OnlyFans model Fenella Fox from Bristol, England, shaved her body hair and outraged subscribers. She said this in an interview Daily Star.

The girl said that she had previously stopped removing hair on different parts of her body, which attracted the attention of many subscribers. As a result, her income from the sale of candid shots increased eightfold and amounted to at least 600 thousand rubles a month. However, the Briton said that she soon began to feel the pressure of male fans who tried to prohibit her from changing her appearance.

“Fetishists who like underarm hair made me feel cornered. They kept telling me not to dare shave and threatened to unfollow me if I ever did,” the model explained.

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However, according to Fox, she still got rid of her hair in protest. At the same time, some users then really realized their threats, she noted. However, at the same time, the Briton admitted that the week that followed her transformation turned out to be the most profitable for the entire period of using the OnlyFans platform model.

Earlier in May, British model Carla Bellucci complained, which was attacked online for being too attractive. “If I was fat and toothless, I would be loved more,” said Bellucci. At the same time, the blogger explained that the negative comes mainly from average housewives who criticize her in the comments, envying her toned body.

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