Own income of Zhambyl region increased by a quarter

TARAZ. KAZINFORM – The results of the socio-economic development of the Zhambyl region for the first half of 2022 were discussed in Taraz. The low indicators in the implementation of some national projects cause concern, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The head of the regional department of economy and budget planning, Guldana Zhauynbekova, at a meeting of the akimat chaired by the head of the region Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, noted that due to the effective implementation of the tasks arising from the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan, in general, in January-June 2022, a positive trend has formed in all sectors of the economy. The volume of the gross regional product increased by 5%, amounting to 463.1 billion tenge.

“The growth of economic indicators in the Zhambyl region for the first half of the year totaled 104.1%, in the country – 104.5%, and last year the growth was 105.4%. The indicators increased in industry – 108.1%, agriculture – 102%, construction – 105.7%, housing commissioning – 103.7%, trade – 105.3%, communications – 101.9%,” Guldana Zhauynbekova noted.

155.8 billion tenge of investments were attracted to the Zhambyl economy. We provided transport services for 255.8 billion tenge. Own revenues of the local budget amounted to 58.9 billion tenge, an increase of 25.7%. “The region’s budget has been mastered by 99.9%. This is the highest figure in the republic,” the speaker stressed.

However, as G. Zhauynbekova noted, according to the results of the analysis of the implementation of national projects, carried out on behalf of the head of the region, there is negligence in the planned implementation of a number of indicators. Some of the areas of national projects are at risk of failure.

Thus, the national project for the development of entrepreneurship in the Zhambyl region provides for the achievement of 10 indicators. But during the reporting period, only one indicator was achieved, 4 are at the stage of execution, there is a risk of non-fulfillment of five indicators. Among them is an increase in the proportion of people who opened their own business after training under the Bastau Business project – training was not started due to the non-approval of the rules.

According to the speaker, there is a risk of non-fulfillment of indicators for the growth of investment in the tourism industry. For the first half of the year, investments amounted to 5.8 billion tenge, while the plan was 15.8 billion tenge.

According to the Healthy Nation national project, there is a risk of non-fulfillment of such indicators as providing villages with medical and sanitary and consultative and diagnostic assistance. “Budget applications were sent to the construction regional department for the development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of a medical outpatient clinic in the village of Zhailaukol, Sarysu district and for the construction of a first-aid post in the village of Zhanateris, Zhualyn district, as well as for passing the state examination,” the speaker noted.

According to the national project “Zhasyl Kazakhstan” 6 indicators are planned in the region, there is a risk of not fulfilling four. “The reduction in the volume of clean water intake in industry and the reduction in energy consumption in the public sector and housing and communal services have not been implemented. It is planned to cover more than 170 thousand citizens with an environmental information campaign, in fact – 0. The share of recycling and waste disposal is also 0% so far,” the speaker said.

Some indicators in the development of the agro-industrial complex have decreased. Thus, out of the planned 52.4 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers, only 16.3 thousand were shipped. Fish farms produced 151 tons of fish against the plan of 1.5 thousand tons. The volume of investments in fixed capital of food production amounted to 1.3 billion tenge, having decreased by 43% compared to 2021. The growth in the output of agricultural cooperatives amounted to 1.6% against the plan of 11%.

Within the Safe Country national project, there is a risk of non-fulfillment of two indicators. Among them are the level of protection of the population of remote rural settlements by fire stations and the level of public awareness of the threat of emergencies. In both cases, the indicator score is estimated at zero, since individual district akimats do not provide funding for fire posts in the budget of the districts. As for informing citizens in the event of a threat of emergency, the purchase of electric sirens is planned only for 2024-2025, the speaker noted.

“Regions and departments should cooperate closely. It doesn’t exist now. It is important to establish a systematic connection with the central executive bodies. At the end of the year, all indicators must be met. No excuses will be accepted,” Nurzhan Nurzhigitov warned.

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