Parliament Speaker: We need the voice of Nabila Mounib, and no one prevented her from entering Parliament

Today, Tuesday, Parliament Speaker Rashid Talbi Alami said that Nabila Mounib, a member of the United Socialist Party, was not prevented from entering Parliament, adding, “1400 people in Parliament gave the “immunization permit”, and only one refused to give it, it cannot be given.” impose her opinion on us.”

Alami added at the MAP forum, “We need her, and we need her to go to Latin America and Europe and to communicate with the left, and she will come to Parliament, but she cannot travel to represent us because she does not have a vaccination passport.”

He also said, “We need the voice of Nabila Mounib in parliament as Moroccans, regardless of political affiliation.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stated that he had met with members of the Political Bureau of the United Socialist Party, noting that “they believed that we were taking a position from them, and I told them we needed it and they were convinced.”

Al-Alami stressed that the decision belongs to the House of Representatives, and was taken in implementation of a law voted on by parliamentarians.

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