Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan put the US president in an awkward position

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi during her visit to Taiwan
©Simon Liu/Taiwan Presidential/Global Look Press

Analysts at The Washington Post believe that the visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan now, when Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to run for his third term, was an unwise decision. Moreover, this trip put US President Joe Biden in an awkward position.

The authors of the article emphasize that they share Nancy Pelosi’s idea of ​​supporting a democratic Taiwan. However, they do not understand the speaker’s persistence in demonstrating this support in such a way and so untimely, writes The Washington Post on Thursday, the fourth of August.

As the publication points out, Joe Biden himself made a mistake when he publicly stated that the Pentagon opposed the speaker’s trip to Taiwan. This mistake made it harder for Nancy Pelosi to change plans without losing face. Now the White House administration is forced to improvise and “hope that it can maintain both peace in the region and the territorial integrity of Taiwan.”

On Wednesday Pelosi completes visit to Taiwan, which caused sharp dissatisfaction with the PRC, and went to South Korea. Earlier, the White House did not take responsibility for her visit, saying that she is independent in her decisions.

In response to the trip of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that it would take decisive retaliatory measures. China considers Taiwan its province and is against official visits there by representatives of countries with which Beijing has diplomatic relations.

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